Koi Pond Filtration System Media

Koi ponds stay clear with Perma-Beads®

Zoo filtration system filter media

Perma-Beads® never clog even in heavily loaded systems

Large Aquarium and fish breeding tank filtration system

Non-clogging Perma-Beads® always create superb water quality

Koi Pond filtration system

Perma-Beads® are perfect for all types of aquatic systems

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Perma-Bead ® Aquatic Filtration Media

Perma-Beads ® are specifically designed sinking beads to replace sand in any sand filter media system. There are no plumbing changes needed. Perma-Beads ® eliminate clogging, compaction and channeling in any size, make or model sand filter.
Advanced Aquaculture Systems offers free technical support to determine the proper volume of Perma-Beads ® to replace sand in any sand filter. We also offer free system design services for complete recirculating systems. We always take a very personal approach to our customer’s inquiries and provide free technical support and professional system design services.
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